Challenging the status quo



Nearly a decade ago, before Boxx took off, a market for global workforce mobility services didn’t really exist. International accountancy firms, removal companies and specialized law firms delivered some pieces of the puzzle, but clients would have to figure out the rest themselves.

We know global mobility deserves a next level approach. Focused, integrated, bringing the full spectrum of services and an eye for the human side. Meanwhile, our customers have experienced that the Boxx approach brings them convenience, speed and value. We believe in challenging the status quo!

A matter of dedication



Boxx is a dedicated specialist. Global workforce mobility is our core and sole business. We like the idea of doing fewer things better. Our people deliver, manage, integrate and coordinate the full range of strategic and operational mobility services on a global scale. We see our business as a human-to-human activity.

In everything we do, our empowered professionals deliver sincere attention to our clients’ challenges. It helps that we are a fully independent family-owned company. We don’t compromise on quality. By working with the best in our handpicked global network of partners, we can deliver unmatched standards.

Up, close & personal



Established in 2006 and with an average annual growth in sales of 25%, we are an enterprise with an unprecedented edge. Next to our headquarters in Achel (Belgium) we feature branch offices in Amsterdam, Boston and Hong Kong offering our clients all over the globe, strongholds nearby.

Family owned and thus fully independent, we score out partner structures, paper tiger mentality and unnecessary overheads. We cherish independent entrepreneurship and have passion for what we do. Our team of over 40 seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering supreme quality of service, anywhere on the planet.

Passion has a face



Since our business is Human-to-Human, we are proud of having a great team of people, sharing the same values and passion for the job. Moreover, our immigration advisors and most of our specialists are seasoned project managers, often with an in-company background.

We bring them together in multidisciplinary Client Account Teams so you’ll never miss out on expertise, multiple-angle-views, practical experience and most of all: service attitude. Each team is equipped with an empowered (Account) Manager accelerating decision-making and easing communication with our clients.




While working across borders offers opportunities, it comes with challenges as well. You and we benefit from global locality, a finger on the pulse of things abroad. We deliver omnipresence by our hand-picked partner network Frame (250 partners in 75 countries) and our own strongholds.

Next to our headquarters in Achel (Belgium) we own branch offices in Amsterdam (covering EMEA), Boston (the Americas) and Hong Kong (APAC). All activities are orchestrated from our headquarters safeguarding a service delivery according to Boxx’ standards.

Empathy through technology



At Boxx we believe serving our clients directly and personally is paramount. To achieve this goal effectively and efficiently, we customize processes and workflows around our clients and designed our own technology platform supporting workflow management and service delivery. We call it ‘Fast’.

Fast brings real time overview of the processes, is on top of deadlines and saves time. Fast is also the source for proven business compliancy in case of audits by immigration and tax authorities. Fast is an excellent tool, enabling our specialists to adequately deliver reports, balance sheets and cost estimates.

The myth of the overnight sensation.



Having a clear vision is not enough to run a successful business. You need people that support your cause. The past years we met a lot of companies. Clients that had the guts to challenge the status quo with us. And we didn’t let any of them down!

Clients with their first international assignments ever to multinationals with numerous expats; they all value our dedication to build long-term partnerships. A fresh experience turned them into true ambassadors. We thank our supporters and look forward to elongate a decade of steep growth!