Global locality by Boxx



Frame is our child and virtue. A robust framework we have built with our head and heart. Today Frame comprises over 250 partners in more than 75 countries worldwide and we’re still counting.

Via Frame we are able to provide you with all needed services on tax, social security, immigration, relocation and removal in every country required. Over the years we moulded Frame into the backbone of our services offering you the benefits of global locality.

Uncompromising quality



There’s a lot to say about different takes on bringing together local expertise all over the globe. We knew what we wanted, when we started. Know-how, local touch, service level, commitment, speed of delivery and competitive pricing; to name a few.

We decided entering a existing global network or operating as franchised network would not match your needs and our standards. So the only option was to build it ourselves. The result is a profound, flexible and unique global partner network: Frame. Explore!

The best are everywhere



We only team with the best. Experts that understand the local needs of our clients and the hazards of local legislation. Furthermore we partner with organizations who are state-of-the-art in their specific field, like partner support, international education, expat security and cultural awareness.

We invest thoroughly in our partners by training them to work according Boxx standards on client specific topics. Moreover, we orchestrate all actions from our headquarters and are fully accountable for the performance of our Frame-partners.

What’s in Frame for me?



Working with Boxx and Frame brings the benefits of global reach and knowledge with local expertise. In short: speed, quality and locality. Working with Frame does not mean adding a large number of contacts and time scales to your contacts list.

All activities are carefully orchestrated by Boxx. You will have a single point of coordination (and a single invoice) for your convenience. Furthermore we are in complete control when it comes to contracts quality, fees and deadlines.

A Google Streetview for global mobility



Global coverage: 75 countries / 250 partners and counting Locality: country specific approach by local specialists Full flexibility suiting your request One contract, full accountability

Central communication
Central coordination
Integrated approach
Boxx worldwide quality standards