What’s in the Boxx?



At Boxx we are just as proud of what we don’t do as we are of what we do. You can see us as the specialist’s specialist. Completely dedicated to global workforce mobility. In this field we deliver the full suite of services in an integrated way.

We know there is no such thing as pressing a successful expat ready-to-use out of a plastic framework. This is why we always deliver tailor-made services. Creating the best possible environment for your global mobility challenges. Nothing more, nothing less.

Getting the most out of your global mobility?



Geography doesn’t matter anymore. That’s the new reality. Today you can work with anyone, anywhere on the planet. But are you equipped for the new global context? Can you handle the impact on your workforce? Is global mobility bringing you benefits or headaches?

We like to challenge your senior management to get the maximum out of global workforce mobility. Uncover the pains and gains. Develop a mobility strategy that seamlessly fits your talent management programs. And help you to increase revenue. Are you ready for a deep-dive?

Effective, efficient & compliant



Whether you just kick-off with global workforce mobility, want to review or redesign your processes or do a proper mobility benchmark, in the end you want mainstay procedures that bring clarity, uniformity or differentiation, cost control, efficiency and satisfied assignees.

We turn our learnings and practices into tailor-made policies on a daily basis. We can design, advise and support you in establishing an effective, efficient and compliant mobility policy. Moreover, we are happy to sync business and HR goals to your global business strategy.

The right stamp makes a world of difference



Compliancy is key for the success of your international project(s). There is no doubt the destination country will lay-out a bundle of requirements like work permits, residence permits and tax & social security obligations. The journey of collecting stamps begins.

To be efficient, each general procedure needs to be brought down to a personal level. Boxx has the experience and the local insight to match formal obligations with individual needs fast and accurately. Furthermore we can help with raising the necessary awareness among your stakeholders.

Specialists with a cause



Ever had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with the tax authorities of multiple countries in one year? How do you think it would feel when you could benefit from such a challenging situation? Just kidding? We don’t think so!

Achieving the optimum tax position is all about knowing the relevant facts and circumstances and applying them in the best interest of both employer and employees. Boxx delivers full income tax support on a global scale.

Connecting the dots



On the verge of the actual assignment, everything comes together. Legal and financial paperwork, travel and removal of personal belongings, organizing of the new residence and school, training, travel to the destination and the settling in (with spouse and kids).

An intensive journey for the expat, the family and for the back-office organizers. Boxx delivers global mobility services from A to Z. With a Single Point of Coordination. Realizing a soft landing and a smooth start.

Being compliant is not a luxury



Non-compliance comes at a high price and can destroy reputations. Running a good payroll for your international employees is essential to be compliant. It is the basis for your financial and fiscal hygiene.

It is also a complex phenomenon, so you’d better have it done by people who know this international minefield. We can run your payroll around the globe.