Customized efficiency



As we tailor our services to the needs of our clients, we are reluctant to label our services as ‘products’. Yet, every now and then we design solutions that perform under all conditions. It is these best practices we translate into customized solutions that:

- increase awareness
- deliver convenience
- safeguard compliance
- realize cost-efficiencies
- add value

What’s indispensable in any case?

Full business compliancy!



Business travellers are a new and growing league in global mobility. Unfortunately, governments worldwide stand in line to benefit from this trend. The result is tight legislation and eagerness to enforce on regulations. So be aware of the thin line between allowed and prohibited activities.

Luckily there is a probate answer. Trip is our working model around business traveller’s compliancy. Trip offers an integrated process covering all travellers’ issues concerning immigration, income tax, social security and payroll. Trip streamlines and safeguards at the lowest possible administrative burden.

Awareness is everything



While immigration, tax and social security procedures in host countries may seem an impenetrable swamp, smart automation is of your service. We created easy-to-use wizards that guide globetrotters and their planners through the mangroves like an alligator.

The wizards serve both as a planning tool and as an awareness-raiser. What permits are needed? Which adjacent procedures need to be fulfilled? While working in the wizard, Boxx specialists stand by to deep-dive into any possible issues (tax, social security, compliancy) at an early stage.

Ready for a workforce odyssey?



Headcount freezes, no legal entity in the Netherlands, need for HR, tax, payroll and immigration expertise, administrative burden? No registration as recognized sponsor for immigration purposes yet?

Whatever thresholds, it should never prevent you from hiring the best talent from abroad. Send them to Jack instead. Our payroll solution Jack, covers your challenges in tax, legal and compliance areas. Hire the best people available and we will employ them for you.

Increasing value by sharing knowledge



Fast and adequate processes. A global mobility policy that can stand the test of time. Anticipating on new legislation. Every now and then your global mobility team can use fresh input. We provide the means.

As we build best practices in numerous accounts, we are happy to share the tricks of the trade. We hover over the new global context with a helicopter and dig into the mud of daily routines. Get ready for a comprehensive and hands-on training experience.